SKE Research Equipment ® provides fully-customisble electrospinning platform for lab-scale and industrial-scale from small-scale to large-scale manufacturing of polymeric nanofibrous matrices.
Besides a wide range of systems, accessories, and consumables, we offer an on-demand manufacturing services for most common materials and applications.


SKE Research Equipment ® combines engineering, know-how and flexible attitude to offer a complete product range for 3D cell culture applications, in order to find the best solutions that meet research requirements of tissue engineering, Advanced Therapies, biotechnology, biology and bioengineering.


SKE Research Equipment ®, to complete its range, offers a wide selection of laboratory base equipment engineered, designed and assembled in Italy.


SKE Research Equipment ® offers a selected choice of consumables to complete its range of products. Among others, you find scaffolds of various sizes and geometries, scaffold holders, cell culture chambers, perfusion chambers, fittings and connectors for hydraulic circuits, tubing, caps, bottles and coverslips.

SKE Research Equipment ® is a product range of SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS and EQUIPMENT FOR RESEARCH APPLICATIONS mainly focused on life sciences and material sciences fields, like cell culture, biotechnology, tissue engineering, advanced therapies and nanomaterials.


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