Face Masks


These days all of us are worried about coronavirus and try our very best to protect ourselves in as many ways as we hear may actually work; wearing a masks based on nanofiber technology is one of the ways that is reported to be highly effective.

Nanofiber incorporated face mask technology is very easy to breathe through due to its extremely wide surface area created by the web of nanofibers.

Electrospinning System – Needleless Version (EF500), is our electrospinning system with needleless technology, the innovative and high-throughput product for pilot scale and industrial scale production. It is a needleless, free liquid surface electrospinning technology, which assures high productivity and high fiber uniformity.

The system offers various technological solutions to accurately control each process guaranteeing batch-to-batch reproducibility and precise control of fiber parameters such as diameter, orientation and texture. The equipment is user-friendly and safe thanks to the intrinsic safety system (safety interlock system) that protect the operator.

EF500 Needleless Version is a scale-up of the traditional electrospinning technique, capable of manufacturing batches of large format nanomatrix (our standard is 50 x 80, customizable upon customer request) and it is ideal to produce small batch of nanofibrous material for Face-Mask production

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