E-Fiber Electrospinning platform overview

E-Fiber electrospinning platform is a fully customizable electrospinning systems consisting of injection stages and application-specific collectors (static or movable).

It is specifically designed for the laboratory-scale and industrial-scale manufacturing of nanofibrous matrices (nanofiber).

This arrangement creates a powerful and highly versatile technique for the creation of various electrospun nanofiber architectures with controlled diameter and orientation. In addition, its technology minimizes influence on the electrospinning process.

E-Fiber electrospinning systems offers various technological solutions to accurately control each process guaranteeing batch-to-batch reproducibility and precise control of nanofiber parameters such as diameter, orientation and texture.

All the SKE equipment are user-friendly and safe thanks to the automatic safety devices that protect the operator.

Despite its outstanding performances the system still remains user-friendly and based on a plug&play installation.

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