High Voltage Power Supply

High Voltage Power Supply

High Voltage Generator Power Supply – Kit


High Voltage Power Supply for electrospinning system or specific application with insulated plastic enclosure controllable by a simple handle.

The system is equipped with user friendly LCD screen to monitor the voltage, multi-turn potentiometer to set the high voltage, emergency stop and connection for safety interlock or fume-hood security switch.

High Voltage Power Supply offers a technological solutions to accurately control each parameter guaranteeing batch-to-batch reproducibility and precise control in every process you use the generator.

The available options are:
– Single polarity power supply (0÷40 kV).
– Dual polarity power supply (±40 kV) option perfect for needleless technology upgrade or specific applications.

E-Fiber EF020, includes:
– High voltage generator*: 0÷40 kV (single supply) / ±40 kV (dual supply)
– Control High Voltage with multi-turn potentiometer
– Graphic display for parameter visualization
– Insulating base with distance adjusting
– Mushroom safety button
– Predisposition for safety interlock or fume-hood safety switch.

CE and UL certification.

Customization available on High Voltage Options.

Check “Additional Information” tab to verify available standard options.


Additional information

Package Weight

15 kg

Package Dimensions

80 x 80 x 150 cm

High Voltage Option

0 ÷ 40kV, ±40kV

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