InFlow-R Tubular Constructs Bioreactor

InFlow-R Tubular Constructs Bioreactor

InFlow-R Modular Tubular Constructs Bioreactor


InFlow-R Tubular Constructs bioreactor is designed for cell seeding and culturing on a tubular scaffold. The bioreactor allows for rotational movement of the scaffold around their longitudinal axes and a polymeric chamber houses the biological materials throughout the culture period.

Cylindrical scaffold holders are realized with working end of different diameters, to house matrices of different dimensions and secondary elements moving with the scaffold holder induce continuous mixing of the culture medium, so oxygenation and mass transport will increase.

The operator, may connect or maintain separate intraluminal and extraluninal from path, so very flexible system.

Main features

– Homogeneity by facilitating cell seeding on the scaffold
– A way to promote cell seeding and culturing on either side of the tubular structure using varied cell types
– An environment that enhances oxygenation and mass transport between the medium and cells
– Stimulation for the cells with hydrodynamic forces favoring metabolic activity and differentiation
– Lid ensure oxygenation and air flow-through, like a petri dish
– Chamber is easily detachable from the motor unit and can be sterilized in standard laboratory autoclaves.

The InFlow-R Tubular Constructs bioreactor is made up of four major components: the chamber, motor unit, organ/scaffold holder and a controller. You can install many sizes of tubular scaffold according to the dimension of your scaffold holder.
The chamber can be quickly detached from the motor unit basement, so can be easily sterilized in standard laboratory autoclaves.
The motor unit turns the spindle in the chamber providing consistent variable speed rotation to the organ holder. The motor is protected from the corrosive moisture inside the incubator with a the specially designed housing. Motor and chamber are connected by a spindle that allows the chamber to be easily removed from the motor.
The controller can take place outside the incubator, this configuration will make easy all the adjustments operation that can be made without opening the incubator.

You should try this device in conjunction with our Silk Fibroin Tubular Scaffold (SF) and Polycaprolactone Tubular Scaffolds(PCL).

Check “Additional Information” tab to verify available standard options.


Additional information

Package Weight

10 kg

Package Dimensions

40 x 40 x 30 cm

Peristaltic Pump

No (std), Yes

Scaffold Holder Diameter

4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, custom size avaiable

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