Magnetic Stirrer “EDDY”

Magnetic Stirrer “EDDY”

Digital Heating Magnetic Stirrer mod. “EDDY” for continuous operations where heating is required.


Magnetic Stirrer “EDDY”

The Digital Heating Magnetic Stirrer mod. “EDDY” has a top plate capable to support remarkable capacity containers, it is particularly suitable for continuous  operations where heating is required.

Electronic regulation of magnet speed from 100 to 2000 revolutions per minute through effect Hall sensors. Continuous or timed operation from 1 to 120 minute.

Electronic regulation of working temperature from 25°C to 230°C(± 1 °C).
Regulation of maximum power of the resistance at 300 W. Acoustic signal in case of anomalies (feeler absence, change of temperature in a sharp way).
Memory of the state in case of blackout and the last settings before the switching off.

Magnetic Stirrer “EDDY” has a membrane control panel with visualization on display for speed (RPM), time left to the conclusion of the cycle and the liquid temperature heated, by PT100 feeler dipped in the product .

Outer casing in powdered painted steel acids resistant, with heating work surface in stainless steel AISI 304 2B glazed.

Technical Specifications

– Overall dimensions WxDxH: 185 x 230 x 130 mm.
– Work surface dimensions: 160 x 160 mm.
– Weight: 4 Kg
– Max weight working load 5 Kg. (5 liters c.a)
– Probe for temperature measurement PT 100.
– Range T°C: 25-230°C (± 1 °C).

Check “Additional Information” tab to verify available standard options.

Additional information

Package Weight

4.5 kg

Range T

25-230°C (± 1 °C)

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