pH Sensor GL45 Multiport Cap

pH Sensor GL45 Multiport Cap

GL45 multiport special caps for culture media bottles with pH probe holder


pH Sensor GL45 Multiport Cap with a shield to host an electrolytic pH sensor and it is equipped with 5 inlet/outlet ports with barbed connectors.
It is ideal as pH-monitored reservoir for your cell culture applications. Provided with an autoclavable sensor, with a pH range of 0-14.
Compatible with your own pH meter (BNC connector), or it could be provided with a pH meter.

All parts are completely autoclavable.

Our pH Sensor GL45 Multiport Cap is completely customizable and made according to customer specifications: standard caps with customized inserts to host threaded connectors, special fittings, sensors, probes, heaters, filters and sample ports.

Main features

– Compatible with almost any perfusion circuit for cell culture
– Compatible with your own pH meter
– Plug & Play with PG13,5 threaded sensor
– On-line monitoring of pH
– High temperature resistance (up to 180°C)
– Autoclavable (@ 121°C / 15 minutes)
– Comply with GLP / GMP
– Reusable with long service life


– Connection to perfusion circuit
– Addition of substances / medium sampling
– Ideal as culture media monitored reservoir
– Media supply for small bioreactors
– Feed-batch bioreactors
– Perfusion circuit for cell culture
– Oxygenation / aeration of very small samples
– Use in a chemistry micro-bioreactor

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Additional information

Package Weight

0.3 kg

Package Dimensions

20x20x10 cm



Tubing Size

1/32", 1/16" inch


No, Yes


Red (MAX 180°C)

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