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E-Fiber electrospinning system – Desktop Advanced Version

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E-fiber electrospinning advanced version is optimal for research centers, companies and universities whose needs are to produce nanomaterials intended both for commercial and research purposes.
E-fiber is a fully-customisable electrospinning platform consisting of injection stages and application-specific collectors (static or movable), for the laboratory-scale manufacturing of polymeric-nanofibrous matrices. This device creates a powerful and highly versatile technique for the creation of various fibrous architectures with controlled fibre diameter and orientation. Its technology minimises influence on the electrospinning process. E-fiber offers various technological solutions to accurately control each process guaranteeing batch-to-batch reproducibility and precise control of fibre parameters such as diameter, orientation and texture. The equipment is user-friendly and safe thanks to the automatic safety devices that protect the operator.
E-Fiber Desktop advanced version, includes: desktop fume-hood, high voltage power supply 0-40 kVolt, control system with LCD console, 2-channel syringe pump* with external control, insultating base with distance adjusting, double spinneret support, collector support, coaxial spinneret and disposable kit.
Disposable kit includes 2 stainless steel spinneret of 2 different diamenters, 100 syringes, tygon/ptfe tubing (7.5m), polypropylene male and female luer connectors (15+15).
Double high-voltage power supply options for specific requirements or applications : -30kvolt / + 30kVolt *
System is installed in a TUV certified fume-hood with active carbon filter (customizable for specific solvent and chemical agents). System is also available in Standalone Version.
* customizable on request


Technical specification

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Additional information

Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 80 x 80 x 150 cm
Dual high-voltage option

No, 0-40 kVolt, +/- 30 kVolt

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