InBreath bioreactor organ holders
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Clinically proven and published tubular constructs bioreactor for hollow organs used in successful human transplantation of bronchus. Produced by Harvard Apparatus Regenerative Technology, created and developed by Sara Mantero, co-founder of SKE Advanced Therapies ®, the InBreath bioreactor is ideally suited to regeneration of tubular hollow organs such as trachea/bronchus, blood vessels, esophagus and intestines.
InBreath is a rotating, double-chamber, bioreactor designed for cell seeding and culturing on both surfaces of a tubular matrix and includes rotational movement of the scaffold around its longitudinal axis. Large and small animal versions are available.
Organ holders of different sizes for InBreath tubular constructs bioreactor.
Fully compliant with SKE Advanced Therapies ® silk fibroin electrospun tubular scaffold.


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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 15 x 15 x 10 cm
InBreath Organ holders

16 mm OD, 12mm ID, 18 mm OD, 12mm ID, 20 mm OD, 12mm ID, 22 mm OD, 12mm ID, 24 mm OD, 12mm ID

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