Here you find a selection of scientific publications, posters, oral presentations, posters, and other material related to SKE Research Equipment team and products.

[] Clinical transplantation of a tissue-engineered airway. P Macchiarini, P Jungebluth, T Go, M A Asnaghi, L E Rees, T A Cogan, A Dodson, J Martorell, S Bellini, P P Parnigotto, S C Dickinson, A P Hollander, S Mantero, M T Conconi, M A Birchall.Lancet 2008;372(9655):2023–30. pdf

[] Perfusion seeding of porous scaffolds: a bioreactor-based procedure suitable for the establishment of uniform 3D-structured co-cultures. J Tissue Eng Regen Med 2012; 6 (Suppl. 1): 1–429. Termis 2012 – Wien (A). pdf

[] Effect of perfusion culture system on in vitro osteogenesis of human mesenchymal stem cells seeded on porous hydroxyapatite. E. Saino, N. Bloise, L. Spinelli, S. Mantero, R. Martinetti, M. Imbriani, L. Visai. TERMIS EU 2011, Granada (E). pdf

[] Cyclic mechanical stimulation favors myosin heavy chain accumulation in engineered skeletal muscle constructs. G. Candiani, S.A. Riboldi, N. Sadr, S. Lorenzoni, P. Neuenschwander, F.M. Montevecchi, S. Mantero. Journal of Applied Biomaterials & Biomechanics 2010; Vol. 8 no. 2, pp. 68-75. pdf

[] Insulin-like Growth Factor-I and Slow, Bi-directional Perfusion Enhance the Formation of Tissue-Engineered Cardiac Grafts. M. Cheng, M. Moretti, G.C. Engelmayr Jr., L.E. Freed. TISSUE ENGINEERING: Part A Volume 15, Number 3, 2009. pdf

[] Automatic medium exchange driven by online pH monitoring. M.A. Asnaghi, G. Pensa, M. Lampugnani, S. Lorenzoni, S. Mantero. Poster, TERMIS 2010, Orlando (US). pdf

[] Online real-time optical monitoring of pH and pO2 within multiple independente chambers of an incubator-compatible perfusion bioreactor. G. Talò, C. Turrisi, M. Laganà, G. Hu, M. Moretti. Poster, TERMIS EU 2011, Granada (E). pdf

[] Perfusion seeding of porous scaffolds: a bioreactor-based procedure suitable for the establishment of uniform 3D-structured co-cultures. C Arrigoni, A Marcotto, C Turrisi, G Talo`, S Mantero, M Moretti. Oral presentation, TERMIS EU 2012, Wien (A). pdf

[] A novel system perfusion bioreactor for osteorsarcoma cell line (SAOS-2) culture. E. Saino, M. Scavone, N. Bloise, L. Spinelli, L. Fassina, S. Mantero, R. Martinetti, L. Visai. Abstract, Oral and Poster presentation, Bone-tec 2010, Hannover (D). pdf

[] In vitro generation of mechanically functional cartilage grafts based on adult human stem cells and 3D-woven poly( 3 -caprolactone) scaffolds. P.K. Valonen, F.T. Moutos, A. Kusanagi, M. Moretti, B.O. Diekman, J.F. Welter, A.I. Caplan, F. Guilak, L.E. Freed. Biomaterials 31 (2010) 2193–2200. pdf

[] An Oscillatory, Perfused Bioreactor for Cell and Tissue Culture. M. Moretti, M.Y. Cheng, J.W. Nichol, L.E. Freed. Oral presentation, TERMIS 2008, Porto (P). pdf

[] A new electro-mechanical bioreactor for soft tissue engineering. S. Mantero, N. Sadr, S.A. Riboldi, S. Lorenzoni, F.M. Montevecchi. Journal of Applied Biomaterials & Biomechanics 2007; Vol. 5 no. 2: 00-00. pdf

[] A double-chamber rotating bioreactor for the development of tissue-engineered hollow horgans: from concept to clinical trial. M A Asnaghi, P Junglebuth, M T Raimondi, S C Dickinson, L E Rees, T Go, T Cogan, A Dodson, P P Parnigotto, A P Hollander, M A Birchall, M T Conconi, P Macchiarini, S Mantero. Biomaterials 2009;30(2009):5260-5269. pdf

[] A novel, versatile, GLP-compatible bioreactor for electromechanical conditioning of engineered tissues. N. Sadr, S. A. Riboldi, S. Lorenzoni, F.M. Montevecchi, S. Mantero. Poster, ETES 2006, Rotterdam (NL). pdf

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