Electrospinning System – Needleless Version

Electrospinning System – Needleless Version

E-Fiber Electrospinning System – Needleless Version


Electrospinning System – Needleless Version (EF500), is our electrospinning system with needleless technology, the innovative and high-throughput product for pilot scale and industrial scale production.  It is a needleless, free liquid surface electrospinning technology, which assures high productivity and high fiber  uniformity.
Despite its outstanding performances the system still remains user-friendly with a plug & play installation.

E-Fiber EF500 is a fully-customisable electrospinning platform consisting of a rotating cylindrical spinneret and application-specific rotating collectors, for the industrial scale manufacturing of polymeric-nanofibrous matrices. This device creates a powerful and highly versatile technique for the fabrication of many fibrous architectures with various fiber diameter and orientation. Its technology minimizes influence on the electrospinning process.

The system offers various technological solutions to accurately control each process guaranteeing batch-to-batch reproducibility and precise control of fiber parameters such as diameter, orientation and texture. The equipment is user-friendly and safe thanks to the intrinsic safety system (safety interlock system) that protect the operator.

EF500 Needleless Version is a scale-up of the traditional electrospinning technique, capable of manufacturing batches of large format nanomatrix (up to 50 x 80 cm), and include: dual high voltage power supply, touch screen console to control all the parameters (spinneret and collector rotating speed, spinneret-collector distance, applied voltage), and insulated enclosure with extraction fan.

The EF500 Needleless Version includes all the necessary instrumentation for a complete and ready to use setup, to rapidly begin your electrospinning sessions and can be equipped with an infusion system for the polymeric solution to ensure the continuous production of electrospun matrices.

E-Fiber EF500, includes:

– Installed in an Aluminum/Plastic cabinet equipped with extraction fan
– Dual High voltage power supply*: ±60 kV
– Control system with touch panel interface
– Equipped with an infusion for continuous operation
– Spinning distance adjustable (up to 250 mm) thru touch panel interface
– Climate Control Unit – Working rage Temp 20°C ÷ 50°C ±0.5°C / RH: 20% ÷ 60% ±2% [Available as Optional]

Disposable kit includes:

– 40 syringes (50ml)
– Tygon tubing (2 x 7.5m)
– Polypropylene male and female luer connectors (20+20+20)
– Anti Adhesive sheet (10x)

The system is installed in an Aluminum/Plastic cabinet equipped with extraction fan and includes a LED lighting system.

* customizable on request

Check “Additional Information” tab to verify available standard options.


Additional information

Package Weight

180 kg

Package Dimensions

150 x 100 x 220 cm

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