EFA035 Coaxial needles

Coaxial stainless steel needles

Coaxial needles are made of two concentric standard needles, and can be used to simultaneously infuse, electrospin or 3D print up to two different materials.

AISI 304 Stainless Steel
Female luer
customizable upon request
5 – 28 G


Suitable for core-shell and hollow fibers preparation
Made of stainless steel


Ideal for basic research
Washable (autoclavable) and reusable


Coaxial needles have many different applications: for example, they can be used to create core-shell fibers, hollow fibers, drug-loaded fibers for sustained release, or to create fiber (using the inner needle) and supply a shielding gas barrier (using the outer needle).

For this reason, they are ideal for research purposes.

Coaxial needles are designed to have minimum dead volume, and detachable assembly for easy cleaning operations. They are fully customizable and made according to customer specifications.