EFA150 Fume hood

Fume hood

Our certified fume-hoods with activated carbon filters are compatible with E-Fiber EF100 and EF300. In fact, E-Fiber can be completely integrated in the fume-hood, thus allowing you to immediately start electrospinning/spraying in any situation, without risks related to the solvent vapor used.
The activated carbon filters can be customized for specific solvents and chemical agents, according to customer’s needs.

Stainless steel for the structure; Transparent plexiglass for the panels
Approx. 55 kg (EF100); Approx. 150 kg (EF300)
W: 800 x D: 670 x H: 1150 mm (EF100); W: 1280 x D: 780 x H: 1670 mm (EF300)
320 (EF100) m3/h ; 600 (EF300) m3/h
Activated carbon filters
220/240 VAC ∼ 50 Hz
10 A


Filtration system for solvent vapor


Ideal for applied research


Entirely made of non-corrodible materials in order to guarantee resistance from the solvents used, and reliability.
Fully customizable, different sizes available, compatible with E-Fiber EF100 and EF300.