EF020 High Voltage Power Supply

High Voltage Power Supply for Electrospinning/spraying applications

Designed for low-cost nanofiber/nanoparticles research, highly flexible and reliable. E-Fiber EF020 is composed of High Voltage generator up to 40 kV and digital display for voltage monitoring and control. Moreover, it presents two safety systems to properly protect the operator.

Approx. 4 kg
W:240 x D:290 x H: 110 mm
W: 200 x D: 120 x H: 92 mm
0 - 40 kV
± 2%
0.01 kV
0.01% for 8 hours
0.1 mA
Control system with LCD interface and knob
120/240 VAC ∼ 50/60 Hz

Features custom

Up to 40 kV


Plug & Play, Easy to use
Ideal for basic research


EF020 High voltage power supply is thought for electrospinning/spraying applications. EF020 specific design minimizes influence on the electrospinning process, and allows accurately control on High Voltage value.

It is equipped with a user friendly LCD screen to monitor the voltage, and with safety button and safety interlock switch to protect the operator.

The high voltage power supply options are:

●  Single polarity power supply.

●  Dual polarity (positive and negative) high voltage power supply for upgrading and for specific applications.