EFA110/EFA115/EFA120 Collectors

Collectors: Mandrels/Drum/Squirrel cage

These collectors are compatible with the Modular Rotating Collector System, and can be used to electrospin cylindrical or planar structures, with random or aligned fibers. Highly flexible and versatile, ideal for research applications.

Stainless steel (eventual PTFE coating)
2-10 mm diameter, L 250 mm
Aluminum/Stainless steel
100-200 mm diameter, L 250 mm
Aluminum/Stainless steel
100 mm diameter, L 250 mm


Random or aligned nanofibers
Tubular structure
Planar structure


Ideal for applied research
Compatible with all E-Fiber rotating collector system


Mandrels are stainless steel collectors for electrospinning of tubular structures, in the size range from 1.5 mm to 10 mm. They are usually coated by PTFE in order to ease the process of peeling off of the electrospun tube.

Drum collector is made of aluminum and stainless steel, and is suitable to obtain bigger planar structure, and also aligned fibers at higher rotating speed.
Squirrel cage collector is a peculiar device for aligned nanofibers applications. Ribs distance is adjustable, and ribs are completely detachable for easy cleaning operations.

All the collectors can be mounted on the Modular Rotating Collector System.