EF200 Desktop Needle System with Filtration Unit

Electrospinning/Electrospraying Equipment

E-Fiber EF200 is a complete and easy to use equipment, designed for lab scale production of nanofibers and nanoparticles, with an embedded filtration unit for exhaust. All process parameters can be easily adjusted from the control panel. Many optional features can be added to the system, such as Co-axial System for core-shell nanofibers or Rotating Collector for tubular matrix production.

Epoxy Coated Steel and plastic (PVC)
Approx. 75 kg
W:800 x D:700 x H:1300 mm
0 - 40 kV
0.01 kV
1-channel syringe pump (customizable upon request)
50 – 300 mm
Polished stainless steel
200x200 mm
Touch Screen
Activated carbon filters
320 m^3/h
120/240 VAC ∼ 50/60 Hz


Single and Multi nozzle
Flat collector
Standalone equipment with filtration system
Rotating collector
Dual Polarity System
Environmental Controllers


Plug&play, Easy to use
Ideal for base and applied research
Upgradable and scalable with many accessories


E-Fiber EF200 is a complete Plug & Play solution for R&D applications and users who require a modular upgradeable setup for their research, with an embedded filtration unit for exhaust.
EF200 is a fully-customizable electrospinning platform, powerful and highly versatile, for the preparation of various fibrous architectures with controlled fiber diameter and orientation. Its technology minimizes influence on the electrospinning process.
The equipment is a real desktop system (thanks to the embedded filtration unit), user-friendly and safe thanks to the special designed isolated enclosure, safety button and safety interlock switch to protect the operators during their experiments.