We can provide services starting from feasibility studies to pilot scale and mass production for industrial manufacturing throughout our proprietary electrospinning technologies.


Thanks to our solid experience in the Electrospinning and Life Science fields, we offer feasibility studies according to customer’s innovative ideas and requirements, in order to develop performing prototypes that can be translated in commercial products. The interest in nanotechnology is constantly increasing, and nanomaterials are the new frontier of technology. In particular, electrospun nanofibres present many interesting advantages such as high surface area to volume ratio, high open porosity with very small pore dimensions, possibility to process a wide variety of materials, deposition of nanofibers on different substrates, and possibility to add active ingredients embedded within the nanofiber structure. Therefore, electrospun materials have interesting application in the fields of biomedical, cosmetics, filtration, textile and many more.

Contract R&D services start from design and technical feasibility of our customers’ innovative ideas, and then exploit the development and characterization of the electrospun prototypes, in order to arrive to final commercial products that can meet specific applications requirements. Our R&D studies include also regulatory consulting and quality control, and intellectual property considerations.


Thanks to our proprietary needleless electrospinning technology, we offer Contract Manufacturing services to produce custom electrospun products for many commercial application fields. The products will meet customer’s specification and requirements as well as product supply terms. SKE Research Equipment has 2 in-house equipment for nanofiber production: a pilot-scale setup for small batches and an industrial (roll-to-roll) setup for larger volume. All the productions can be barried out according to Quality Control procedures.



SKE Research Equipment works alongside customers carrying out applied research, project development and engineering, starting from concept and going on to manufacturing. Our skilled and experienced Engineering Department can help you configuring the best solution for your needs with specific customizations based on your process, both for R&D or industrial applications. Contact us to ask our Engineering Services for customized solutions!


We at SKE really believe that customer care is a fundamental component of our job. For this reason, we provide a range of customer services starting from the assistance during installation and initial stages of E-Fiber use by our qualified engineers, and going on with specific training by our experienced scientists. We always provide clear and instructive videos and detailed instruction manual about how to use the E-Fiber equipment. Finally, we offer remote support and assistance at all stages of the process, and maintenance services to ensure proper performance of the equipment.