EFA015 High speed rotating collector

High Speed Rotating Collector

High Speed Rotating Collector is used for the preparation of random and highly-aligned nanofibers (depending on rotation speed). This device is ideal for research applications.

Plastic (PVC)
Approx. 10 kg
W: 590 x D: 180 x H: 235 mm
Max diameter 160 mm, L 250 mm
Stainless steel/Aluminum
80-4000 rpm
Control system with LCD interface and knob
External ground or polarity connection [+/- 30 kV]


Random or highly- aligned nanofibers
Planar structures


Ideal for applied research


A motor-driven cylindrical collector, used for electrospinning of big planar structures with oriented and non-oriented fibers.
It can reach high rotation speed up to 4000 rpm, and therefore is suitable for aligned nanofibers applications.
Entirely made in plastic in order to guarantee no interferences with electrical field and electrospinning process and allowing highly reproducible conditions. Electronic feedback for a precise control over speed rotation, in order to grant highly reproducible conditions.
Easy to control with a simple LCD user interface.