CC200 InFlow-R Bioreactor

Rotating tubular structure bioreactor

InFlow-R Rotating tubular structure bioreactor is designed for cell seeding and culturing on a tubular scaffold. It allows for rotational movement of the scaffold around its longitudinal axes, thus inducing continuous mixing of the culture medium, increasing oxygenation and mass transport.

Base: Plastic (PVC); Culture chamber and lid: Polysulfone; Scaffold holder: PEEK; Tubing: platinum-cured silicone
Approx. 2 kg
W: 365 x D: 170 x H: 65 mm
4 – 12 mm
10 mm


Cell culture
Tubular scaffold


Control on intra- and extra-luminal flow
Excellent sterility


InFlow-R bioreactor allows seeding and culture of cells on tubular scaffolds, both on the inside and on the outside of the structure.
The rotating movement can be coupled to hydrodynamic forces of medium flow, both intra-luminal and extra-luminal; this stimulation favors metabolic activity and differentiation of cells.
InFlow-R Bioreactor is made up of four major components: culture chamber, motor unit, scaffold holder and controller. Many sizes of tubular scaffold can be accommodated by simply changing scaffold holder dimensions.
The chamber is easily detachable from the motor unit and can be sterilized in standard laboratory autoclaves or in EtO.