EFA310 Vertical set-up

Vertical Electrospinning set-up

The Vertical Electrospinning set-up is composed by a vertical spinneret support and a vertical plate collector support. This set-up allows to electrospin/spray with vertical direction, from bottom to top, in order to avoid any dropping of solution on the electrospun products. The distance between spinneret and collector can be varied by sliding the spinneret support.
This set-up can be integrated within SKE E-Fiber equipment EF050, EF100, and EF300.

Plastic (PVC)
Spinneret support W: 170 x D: 115 x H: 225 mm; Collector support: W: 180 x D: 150 x H: 307 mm
Stainless steel
130 x 120 mm
50 – 210 mm
External ground or polarity connection [+/- 40 kV]


Flat collector
Vertical electrospinning/spraying direction


Easy to use
Ideal for basic research