EFA520 Continuous Solution Feeding

Continuous solution feeding system

The Continuous solution feeding System is a special accessory for E-Fiber EF500, designed for electrospinning of large solution volume without any process interruption. Recommended for pilot and industrial scale manufacturing, it is highly flexible, safe and easy to use, allowing simple control over solution flow rate.

Bottle: glass; Special cap: PTB, Teflon and stainless steel connectors
Approx. 2 kgs
W: 100 x D: 100 x H: 250mm, 1L lab glass bottle or W: 200 x D: 200 x H: 350mm, 5L lab glass bottle
250 – 10’000 mL
0-960 mL/hr


Accessory for needleless ES for superior productivity


High throughput nanofiber production
Ideal for pilot to industrial scale production Description


It is composed of an embedded peristaltic pump, which pumps air through a blue tube in a sealed bottle containing the polymeric solution. By means of a special cap, which guarantees perfect sealing and is equipped with 3 connectors, the solution is pumped in two tubes connected to the spinneret reservoir. This system allows optimal electrical isolation, and the special cap can be used for glass bottles with different volume (e.g. 250, 500 or 5000 mL).