EFA130 Climate Control Unit

Environmental Control System – Climate Control Unit

This Climate Control Unit allows full control of the environmental parameters inside the working area, providing excellent accuracy of output temperature and humidity. It is completely automated and GUI-integrated, so the environmental parameters can be controlled by touch screen. Compatible with all E-Fiber versions with climate control unit predisposition (EF100, EF200, EF300 and EF500 series).

Stainless steel
Approx. 100 kgs
W: 1550 x D: 800 x H: mm
Tenv/35 °C – 20/60% RH
18/25 °C – 40/80% RH
180 m3/h
3.0 kW
2.0 kW
1.7 kg/h
220/240 VAC ∼ 50 Hz


Temp and RH control


Ideal for applied research
Ideal for pilot to industrial scale manufacturing


Setting range varies between environmental temperature up to 45°C, and from 20% to 60% relative humidity (RH).