EFA010 Modular collector

Modular Rotating Collector System

Modular Rotating Collector System is used to electrospin cylindrical or planar structures with random or aligned fibers (depending on rotation speed). Highly flexible and versatile, ideal for research applications, can house collectors with different diameters up to 200mm.

Plastic (PVC)
Approx. 10 kg
W: 685 x D: 180 x H: 280 mm
2-10 mm diameter, L 250 mm
100-200 mm diameter, L 250 mm
Stainless steel/Aluminum
0-1200 rpm
Control system with LCD interface and knob
External ground or polarity connection [+/- 30 kV]
120/240 VAC ∼ 50/60 Hz


Random or aligned nanofibers
Tubular structure
Planar structure


Ideal for applied research


The Rotating Collector System can house collectors with different diameters and lengths and, because of its highly flexibility and versatility, it is ideal for research applications. Entirely made of insulating material in order to guarantee no interferences with electrospinning process and to allow highly reproducible conditions.
Fully customizable and made according to customer specifications, it can also be integrated within E-Fiber EF100 and EF300 versions.
Easy to control with a simple LCD user interface.
Supplied with 5 collectors of different diameters and 1 bigger collector for 2D structure.