EFA340 Near Field Electrospinning

Near Field Electrospinning / Electrowriting

The Near Field Electrospinning / Electrowriting system is a special accessory for E-Fiber EF100/EF300, designed for combining the electrospinning/electrospraying technology with 3D printing capabilities. The system includes an XY stage with a spinneret support, with an easy interface with E-Fiber equipment. Near-field electrospinning (NFES) is a micro-additive manufacturing technique that uses electric fields to continuously print micro- and nanofibers onto moving collectors.

Plastic (PVC) + stainless steel plate
Approx. 12 kgs
60 mm
200 mm/s
External ground or polarity connection [up to 30 kV]


Aligned nanofibers
Programmable XY movement


Near Field Electrospinning
XY complex pattern and highly oriented fibers
Target rotation of 45, 90, 135 and 180 degrees


Near Field electrospinning accessory can be installed on both EF100 and EF300 system, and it allows to exploits the Near Field electrospinning (NFES) technology inside a standard electrospinning/electrospraying system. All the motion parameters can be controlled from the touch screen and the plate target can be manually rotated of 45, 90, 135 and 180 degrees, for different fibers orientation.