CC100 InFlow Bioreactor

Modular perfusion bioreactor

InFlow is an incubator-compatible modular perfusion bioreactor for a controlled, bidirectional and interstitial perfusion of up to 9 cell-seeded scaffolds with culture medium. It is ideal for general purpose uses and is particularly suitable for the long-term culture of cylindrical fragments of BONE and CARTILAGE tissues.

Base: anodized aluminum; Culture chamber: Polycarbonate and silicone; Tubing: platinum-cured silicone; Medium reservoir: glass
3 or 6 or 9
Approx. 2 kg (3 lines)
W: 375 x D: 130 x H: 85 mm (3 lines)
0.1 - 6 mL/min


Cell culture
3D porous scaffold


Special medium reservoir
Test repeatability and excellent sterility


InFlow perfusion bioreactor consists of 3 biologically and hydraulically independent perfusion lines. It is possible to select:
-Flow rate and direction of perfusion (bidirectional)
-Timings of perfusion by means of a timer-based controller
-Fast and safe priming function (manual or automated culture chamber by-pass).
The culture chambers are compatible with cylindrical porous scaffold, and can host different size scaffolds. This bioreactor guarantees high repeatability of conditions, and “Time course” experiment, by removing a single line for each time.
The whole system could be autoclaved or sterilized in EtO.