EFA025 Linear motion spinneret

Linear Motion Spinneret System

Linear Motion Spinneret System is used for superior uniformity in nanofibers or nanoparticles deposition during electrospinning process. Highly flexible and versatile, ideal for research applications, can house multiple spinneret needles in 21 different positions, both standard and coaxial.

Plastic (PVC)
Approx. 8 kgs
W: 690 x D: 300 x H: 270 mm
0-50 mm/s
Control system with LCD interface and knob
External polarity connection [+/- 40 kV]
120/240 VAC ∼ 50/60 Hz


High fiber deposition uniformity
Suitable for electrospinning of bigger structures


Ideal for applied research


The Linear Motion Spinneret System allows to achieve greater collector surface coverage, with optimal deposition uniformity. It is used to electrospin large planar formats (for example, A4 size or bigger) or long tubes.
Ideal for scaling-up application and small/medium scale of manufacturing requirements, this system is compatible with our E-Fiber EF300 system and our rotating collector.
Entirely made of insulating material in order to guarantee no interferences with electrospinning process and to allow highly reproducible conditions.
Easy to control with a simple LCD user interface.