EFA510 Roll-to-roll

Roll-to-roll collection system

The Roll-to-roll collection System is a special accessory for E-Fiber EF500, designed for continuous nanofiber deposition on substrate roll. Recommended for pilot and industrial scale manufacturing, it is highly flexible and easy to use, allowing easy control over the linear speed value.

Plastic (PVC) + stainless steel plate
Approx. 10 kgs
W: 550 x D: 600 mm ; W: 400 x D: 550 mm
W: 300 – 550 mm
110-940 mm/min
External ground or polarity connection [+/- 60 kV]


Collector for needleless ES for superior productivity


High throughput nanofiber production
Ideal for pilot to industrial scale production


Roll-to-roll system can be installed on both E-Fiber EF500 and E-Fiber EF500 Desktop version. Its linear speed can be controlled by the touch panel, and thanks to the special design it is able to maintain constant speed during the whole electrospinning process.