InFlow Perfusion Bioreactor

InFlow Perfusion Bioreactor

InFlow modular perfusion bioreactor


InFlow is an incubator-compatible modular perfusion bioreactor for a controlled, bidirectional and interstitial perfusion of up to 9 cell-seeded scaffolds with culture medium, it is ideal for general purpose uses and is particularly suitable for the long-term culture of cylindrical fragments of BONE and CARTILAGE tissues.

The perfusion bioreactor is equipped with 1 to 3 modules with up to 9 different perfusion lines.

Main features:

– Three biologically and hydraulically independent perfusion lines
– Bi-directional perfusion
– Flow rate and direction set by user
– Timings of perfusion set by the user thru Timer-based controller
– Fast and safe priming function (manual or automated culture chamber by-pass)
– Different size scaffold holders
– Compatible with cylindrical porous scaffold
– Different flow range available
– Repeatability of conditions: no air couplings, pump acts directly on incompressible fluid.
– “Time course” experiment, removing a single line each time

Every single line is:

– Hydraulically independent, so ensures equal perfusion conditions between lines, possibility of flexible experimental design with sample triplicates and/or time course studies.
– Biologically independent, so ideal for preventing cross-contamination.
– Characterized by a by-pass circuit which by-passes the culture chamber for a fast priming of the circuit.

Single perfusion line components:

– Anodized aluminium line support, with a design to hold and keep in position each component of the circuit
– 25 [mL] autoclavable medium reservoir
– Autoclavable caps with 4 ports (0.22 [μm] filter port, inlet port, outlet port, sample/filling port)
– Autoclavable perfusion chamber with luer lock connections
– Silicone scaffold adapters
– 2 oxygenator coils for silicone tubing
– PharMed tubing for medium reservoir and two-stops pump tubing
– Platinum cured silicone tubing set
– 2 Y shape barbed connectors for the by-pass circuit
– By-pass circuit through manual clamps systems (for basic and timer based versions)
– Barbed and luer lock connectors to ensure process integrity

Each line presents a medium reservoir which ensures culture medium oxygenation through the presence of a hydrophobic filter and medium sampling thanks to a Luer lock septum and additionally, the circuit is made of silicone platinum cured tubing for culture medium oxygenation, pH balancing and minimum priming volume.

Check “Additional Information” tab to verify available standard options.


Additional information

Package Weight

20 kg

Package Dimensions

50 x 50 x 40 cm


without controller, timer based controller

Perfusion Lines

3 (std), 6, 9 (6 and 9 with extra pump head)

Peristaltic Pump

IP33 (std), IP66

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