Oxygenator for cell culture systems


Oxygenator for cell culture systems, equipped with oxygen permeable platinum cured silicone tubing (1/16″) and luer connectors. Completely autoclavable.

Made of anodized aluminum, to allow the coiling of oxygenator tubing, avoiding handling difficulties and guaranteeing easy operations under GLP conditions.

Main features
– compatible with our InFlow perfusion bioreactor
– adaptable to any perfusion circuit for cell culture (peristaltic pump)
– oxygen permeable
– easy to handle, compact geometry
– no need to disassemble for cleaning procedure
– fully autoclavable
– comply with GLP / GMP

All parts are completely autoclavable.

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Additional information

Package Weight

0.5 kg

Package Dimensions

15x15x10 cm

Tubing Size

1/16" inch

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